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PM Suryaghar Yojana


This visionary scheme aims to provide rooftop solar power systems to one crore households across the country, with several states offering subsidies to facilitate its implementation. For those considering the installation of rooftop solar plants, this initiative presents an excellent opportunity not only for adopting sustainable energy but also for realising significant electricity savings at home.

1. The scheme aims to equip one crore households with rooftop solar panels in a bit to provide electricity from solar energy.

2. The Govt will provide subsidy via direct beneficiary transfer (DBT) for installinf Solar Rooftop Plant at any residential home.

3. Rooftop solar panels are the photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of a building which is connected to main power supply unit. Thus, it reduces the consumption of the grid-connected electricity and saves electricity cost for the consumer.

  • Subsidy of Rs. 30,000/- for 1 KW system

  • Subsidy of Rs. 60,000/- for 2 KW system

  • Subsidy of Rs. 78,000/- for 3 KW and higher system

  • Concessional Bank Loans

Indicative Bill of Materials for standard package of Rooftop Solar Plant under Subsidy Scheme:-

  1. Solar PV Panel:- As per MNRE specification/standards and registered in ALMM

  2. Grid Connected Inverter:- As per MNRE/BIS Standard regulations

  3. Module Mounting Structure (MMS):- Galvanized as per applicable IS

  4. Structure Accessories:- Stainless Steel 304

  5. Net Meter and Solar meter:- As per DISCOM requirements

  6. Array Junction Box:- Protection as per Inverter requirement

  7. AC Distribution Board:- Protection as per Inverter & DISCOM/Grid requirement

  8. Solar DC Cables:- Total 50 metre in length and as per MNRE Specification

  9. AC Cables:- MNRE specifications

  10. Earthing:- As per MNRE specifications

  11. Lightning Arrestor:- MNRE specifications

  12. Earthing Cable / Strip:- MNRE specifications

  13. Connectors, Conduit pipes etc:- MNRE specifications

  14. Installation Testing & Commissioning:- As per safety norms of SERC/ CEA

  15. Performance Testing:-  Minimum 75%

  16. O&M and Warranty:- 5 Years from the date of commissioning

Why to Choose WATTSCORE:-

  • Empanelled with Govt for Rooftop Solar Subsidy Scheme.

  • Govt.Recognized Start-up (Govt of India as well as Rajasthan) under Start-up India

  • ISO 9001:2005, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified company

  • Tier-1 Solar Equipments

  • Consultive approach

  • Operation and Maintenance support

  • Solar Project Insurance

  • Dedicated customer support

  • Hundreds of Happy Clients

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