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How to choose Solar installer for best sola project. Solar panel company. Subsidy on Solar.

Quality Installation assures

Better Generation


Save Electricity Bill & Environment too !!

Provide us a few details; we will assess the need & assist you in decision making.

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When it comes to Solar Projects especially in Residential Sector, customer did not get the chance to see the actual products neither he got the time to do the research, the only thing he compare is price without discussing on new technology, quality and make of products. We will be giving him the option to choose him as per his need and budget  providing him  FREE consultation and discuss the quality, applicability, cost-benefit analysis before he decide on the project.

We assure the transparent knowledge sharing and education to the customer so that he builds a confidence in company as well the products he is choosing for his Solar Project and decide in a better way. We are recognized by Govt. of India and Govt. of Rajasthan as a Start-up in Renewable Energy Sector. We are also empanelled with Govt. of Rajasthan for Solar Subsidy Scheme in Rajasthan.

We are not just installer or system integrator rather we are an complete End- to- End Solar Solution provider. We offer vast range of operation and maintenance services to our customers and also secure your solar investment by providing Solar Insurance with every project. which means,

"Getting SOLAR installed from us will not only help you REDUCE YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL but  give you PEACE OF MIND for lifetime.

PANASONIC SOLAR MODULE . Mono perc half cut
MINDRA DC Fast Charger
DC Slow Charger
Off-Grid Solar Solution
V-guard Smart Off-grid Solar Solution

Authorized Distributor

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Panasonic solar inverter. Grid Tied PV inverter
MINDRA PV Inverter
WATTSCORE is recognized as Start-up India.

Recognized by Govt. of India & Govt. of Rajasthan

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